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My fiance, who is 39yrs old became seriously depressed at the age of 20. After dealing with this for several months he decided to speak with a psychiatrist about getting on medication. He was prescribed Zoloft for the depression and was hopeful about this. However, it was no more than 2 months later he had his first manic episode which required hospitalization and a different medication. After trying several medications it was decided Lithium was most beneficial for what he was going through. Since his first manic episode until now he’s had 6 manic episodes (ages 20, 24, 27, 30, 34, 38) with his most recent being the longest, the worst and the only one he came down from without having to be hospitalized.

Since this last manic episode, it seems he has a whole new understanding of Bipolar, the seriousness of it and the importance of taking his medication. To give you an example…Started seeing hypomania in Dec 2017, by January 2018 it was worse, he left our home the first week of January and stayed gone until May 2018. During this manic episode, he did come back to the house at which time his emotions got the better of him and he destroyed our home, inside and out (broke car windows, house windows, tore 4 bookshelves down, flipped all the furniture including the dining room table, flipped the dryer, etc). He ended up being arrested for this and charged with malicious destruction of property. In addition to the legal charges he also went through almost $45,000 which was in his savings account.

We have been discussing different protective measures we can take to prevent the consequences and damage. We’ve come up with him making me his power of attorney so I can have him hospitalized if and when symptoms are present, we are also going to go to the bank and see what options there are as far as someone like myself cutting off his access to money when he’s manic and signing a consent with his psychiatrist allowing me to contact her if and when he is manic again. I am wondering if anyone has any additional ideas for me.

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