Well, don’t know if this will help anyone, or why I’m even posting this but I’ll give some specifics as to why I hate myself. In no particular order….Society, television, movies, magazines books, social media….you all hear “Oh he’s so short, I like taller guys” I’m 5’6 btw…..so how is that supposed to make someone feel? It’s like if you are not X height than you are not a real man, you don’t measure up..
Secondly…”Penis size matters, if he’s not this size, then he’s not a real man and I want nothing to do with him” Well I’ lucky if i’m a full 5″ fully erect. Unerect it’s like a frightened turtle…Ya know on Seinfeld “I was in the pool?!” Third …My hands are small — And you know how they got on Trump about that? Well, my hands are smaller. My feet are small. My teeth could be a little better in alignment and whiter. I’m mean and nasty and boring, no fun to be around. I’m a cynical downer…negative all the time wishing everyone gets their karma….I’m vengeful…I’m 47 almost 48 still live with mom….so all those statements…Dunno what to say more right now.

I have a significant other, but not for long as we are drifting apart and fast…

I Have a small business (Lawn & Property) saved some money….Traded the stock market lost alot after my friend died…My ONLY friend from childhood.. chronic alcohol use killed him. No friends, avoid the neighbors, social anxiety, hate new things, no interest in life….Don’t I sound like a blast!

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The reasons that you gave for hating yourself are all physical attributes. They also seem to indicate that you believe you will not be able to sustain a relationship because of these attributes.
It is important to consider that a life partner who will truly be supportive will be attracted to the person you are rather than your physical attributes. Further, people who I know who have self confidence and self-efficacy focus more on their own inner qualities that outward looks. I believe the more we shape our self image on inner qualities, the more others will as well.

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